Our Focus

IT consulting is a broad sector. Based on many years of experience as an integrator, our support of many customers and our partnership with leading service- and product providers, we offer the following services:

Whether internet or intranet: The old slogan “Content is king” applies now more than ever. Concerning the internet, SEO is of great importance. Multichannel and social media are more tags. Intranets have to be well organized to offer the right information, at the right place and time. This is a complex task that has to be solved technically and by management.


Commerce isn’t anymore the simple online product catalogue with a user-friendly shopping cart and clever purchasing recommendations. Top topics of today are the integration of Product Information Management Systems (PIM) and the presentation of offers in the context of user stories or examples. In this matter content and commerce merge more and more seamlessly.


The division of labour is more important than ever. Electronic communications facilitates this. But in daily life we suffocate from millions of mails and are distracted from Instant Messengers. Therefore collaboration has to select carefully the adequate tools to garantee economic success and improved working conditions.


Successful procurement is not only about saving money. Choosing the right services and products sets the course and success of all projects. For this matter, a brought expertise is required within all procurement projects. In addition, the complex rules of public and private purchasing procedures have to be taken into account.

Our Profile

"We don't pretend to be able doing everything. But we belief, that we ca do some things better than others."
Success is not only driven by formal expertise!

In particular, the concept of “triple play” requires more than technical knowledge. To identify customer needs and to offer sustainable and innovative solutions together with the right service providers requires insight, far-sightedness and prudence. In this matter our combination of hard- and soft skills makes us successful. In addition, our success is based on the broad range of our expertise: It covers our fundamental IT knowledge, the complete range of sales- and marketing policy and is taking legal and financial matters into account.

  • Reliability

    You can always rely on us. We do not want to give our company name durato for nothing.

  • Communication

    Always the right language and without any delay.

  • IT-Know How

    To know how it works today and tomorrow.

  • Economics and law

    Brought down to the bare bones only the cost-benefit ratio counts.

Whether "triple play" or classic consulting: Do not hesitate to contact us. You'll see it's worth it.