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Triple Play

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Triple Play - What's that?

Triple Play is about improving the collaboration between customers and service suppliers by companionship of entrepreneurs with broad comprehension of the customer needs and full understanding of the contractors challenges from own experience. The joined action of the three partners can be entitled as the realization of the often desired WIN WIN WIN. In our particular case mostly for the WWW.

When to start Triple Play?

Ideally Triple Play is implemented right from the beginning of a project. In this case, with respect to the needs of all parties, the project can be immediately based on proper tracks for the later guaranteed WIN WIN WIN. Mostly this will concern the project scope, the project organisation or budgeting. Certainly Triple Play can be also started within any other project phase. Given difficulties and escalations may initiate the project enhancement. As everyone should, we regret this case but are also not shy to solve these conflicts and problems in the interest of all parties because we do know, that we have solved those situations many times before to everyone’s satisfaction.

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What are the advantages of Triple Play?

Based on a targeted and transparent collaboration, Triple Play leads to optimizations concerning the work load and minimizes project risks. Core to these advantages are proper project set up, the planning of the right measures at the right time and especially a committed common understanding of all tasks by all parties. As a result, Triple Play accelerates project work, allows more focus on details, increases the quality, avoids - as far as possible - aberrations and reduces ultimately project risks with higher profitability as final result. This equation is promised by durato.

What do you need for triple play?

Triple Play needs confidence to be successful! Expertise, fairness and independence are the pillars of the high confidence we receive within our projects. Furthermore with our broad expertise we are able to set the right project scope, because this is not only a limited decision about the task at hand. Marketing strategies, sales policies or internal communications have also to be taken into account. And all of this has to be enabled by leading communication skills. All of this applies to durato, as well as to the consultants within our network.

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How do I organize Triple Play successfully?

Triple Play will only be successful, if an equal triangle of partnership and quality among the customer, the service providers and durato can be established. Within this triangle durato supports the customer to identify his objectives, to define the requirements and in the selection and control of the service provider. As a partner of the service provider durato supports the technical implementation vs. the required function as a sparring partner aware of the aims and the technical challenges. And within critical situations we can moderate escalations.

Does Triple Play cause additional costs?

Despite a further service provider Triple Play does not cause further costs than a "normal" project. Key to this is the saved workload which refunds the labour of durato. Nevertheless we cannot suppress the fact that we also take over tasks often done by service providers like requirement analyses. But by taking this budget, we regularly enable the service provider to work on innovative details refunded by unnecessary surcharges for unexpected functionality. This exactly shows the benefit of Triple Play for all parties and makes clear, that the value of Triple Play is higher than the sum of the individual costs.

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Who can join Triple Play?

Triple Play primarily focuses on private or public sector customers in advance of or during an ongoing project. Equally Triple Play can be joined by product suppliers who regularly recognize that an independent companionship also considered as a project check/review guarantees success. And certainly Triple Play is interesting to all service providers because of the ability to focus on their own strength. So join our Triple Play. So join our Triple Play.


Triple Play helps clients, contractors and product suppliers.

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